Maintenance on Solar Geysers

We provide service plans for the maintenance of your solar geyser which include:

Solar geysers have working parts that, if not serviced on a yearly basis, could possibly stop working. Preventative maintenance always costs less than emergency call outs and repairs, and allows you to have the full financial benefits from your solar geyser all year round. 

The tank is flushed to remove any build-up of water sediment and sludge and the condition of the tank is inspected for any decay.

The thermostat setting is checked to ensure that it is set at a maximum of 60 degrees, which lengthens the lifespan of the thermostat. If the thermostat is malfunctioning or damaged, it is replaced.

The element connection is checked in that there is power at the element and that it is working properly.

Damaged flange gaskets are replaced.

Excessive dust build-up on the collector is removed.

Lagging is inspected for perishing from the UV rays of the sun. Damaged lagging will be replaced.

The timer is checked to determine if it is in proper working order. The settings are also checked to ensure that the minimum water temperature is not too high.

The solar geyser is checked for any damage or potential problems.

Brackets are inspected to ensure that the tank is secure and that there are no screws that are broken or badly rusted.

The anodes are checked for wear and tear and replaced, if required.

Electrical wires are checked for any lose connections and terminals that are badly rusted.