*Please note that we are only suppliers, however we are able to source Solar Geysers

Solartech tanks offer the highest standard in solar water heating.

German workmanship ensures high performance at maximum system longevity. 60mm high density insulation reduces heat loss to a minimum and the patented cold water inlet stratifier minimises flow turbulence within the tank, achieving 6 degrees celcius hotter water flow after 15 minutes of running water.

In conjunction with a service plan, tank life expectancy is 15 years, supported by a conditional 10 year warranty. as a thermosyphon system, this tank is the obvious choice for solar heating!

The Solartech flat plate collector is German engineered and highly efficient. It is durable and easy to install, requiring little handling due to its light weight.

Special surface treatments make it a durable solution equipped to withstand highly contrasting weather.